Snow Beach Café

Mixable Media’s Public Research and Development space for social scientists, and testing old, and new media.

From vinyl 45s to Fast Fashion T-Shirts to live streaming big data, Snow Beach Cafe opens spaces for more open, accessible social science and diverse sources of marketplaces insight. In Q1 2019, Snow Beach Cafe produced “Before & After 1987” conversation panel with legendary freelance creative Bobbito Garcia and start up Oakland fashion at Sneaker Con Bay Area available on ESPN+ later in 2019. “Snow Beach Cafe” could be heard in Justice System’s storytelling about a watershed pivot in world history, the years “87-88”.

In H2, Snow Beach Cafe will spin out #SneakerNet into a standalone professional network and introduce geopolitical reading groups to the Bay Area live events circuit. Join a Snow Beach Cafe Book Club and meet readers with the same interests at the most unique events in the Bay Area. Each Snow Beach Cafe Book Club features a theme, monthly newsletter, and meet-up location. Members of all three Snow Beach Cafe Beach Book Clubs are invited to buy tickets for in February 2020 in Miami, Florida.

The Epstein Affair

Everybody knows Bear Stearns magically disappeared in the spectacular Wall Street voodoo in the waning days of the 9/11 Administration. What this book presupposes is: maybe it didn’t. Every 3rd Thursday at Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland with Wax Trippin. Learn More

A Tsunami Is Coming

Bedrock, groundlevel data signals (historical and contemporary) and about trans-Pacific Ocean culture and events at port cities around the Rim of Fire. Focused specifically on 1987, content focuses on the Fall of The Wall, Integration of Historical East/West divide, and Creation of The American Empire. Learn More

Laredo In the New Berlin

Berlin is where the East/West war for Central Europe climaxed in mass murder in the 20th Century. In the 21st Century, the central axis of American security isn’t east/west at Checkpoint Charlie, it’s north-south at the Laredo railyard. This is how the new world order works. Learn More