Mixable Media produces live commerce events and experiences at high-growth marketplaces in California’s Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro, Texas, and South Florida.

Sneaker Con

Sneaker Con is the world’s greatest event for sneaker fans. The event series celebrates 10th Anniversary with Sneaker Con events in Shanghai, Sydney, London, DC, and the Bay Area

Sneaker Con 2019 Event Calendar

713-14Bay Area

Business Development Opportunities

This summer, Mixable Media will produce online and offline campaigns for marketers and entrepreneurs who need to reach the world’s most creative, influential, and lucrative marketplaces.

Prepare for Sneaker Con Bay Area July 13-14 in Downtown San Jose with Mixable Media. Join Mixable Media for SneakerNet professional networking events beginning May 17 4-7pm at WeWork in SoMa, San Francisco. The goal is to share and create business opportunities on Sneaker Con’s unique platform differentiated by live commerce with real people. Please email eric@mixablemedia.com to RSVP.


To learn more about Sneaker Con from the national business media, please see the Wall Street Journal coverage below in their story titled “Inside Sneaker Con: 500% Markups and Millions in Profit” (WSJ, 4/17/2019).

Inside Sneaker Con: 500% Markups and Millions in Profit

Snow Beach Café

Snow Beach Café ( www.snowbeachcafe.com) is Mixable Media’s public R&D lab for testing prototype tools, routines, content, and experiences with a high growth marketplaces in San Francisco Bay Area, Greater LA, New York City, and Miami Beach.

Look for Snow Beach Café programming Saturday, 7/13, after Sneaker Con Bay Area in Downtown San Jose.